About Us

The idea for Families For A Future started when two friends  — and aspiring grandmothers — lamented over their young-adult daughters’ having informed them they did not plan on having children because of global warming.

They realized global warming not only threatens kids and families today, it threatens whether there will be a future for families, at all.

They wanted to do something. They wanted their daughters to join them in doing something. They wanted to stand together with parents everywhere to protect kids, and future kids. In talking with lots of friends and family who felt the same way, they realized everyone had the same question: 

What should we be doing? What can we do that will have an impact?

Families For A Future exists to help everyone answer that question, and become a participant in a meaningful push for solutions, however much time you have.

This campaign is built on a few simple truths:

  • We are the majority. 70% of Americans are worried about global warming and support moving to clean energy. Tens of millions of us are parents and grandparents deeply concerned about our children’s future.
  • Pollution is the problem. Pollution from burning fossil fuels (oil, gas, and coal) to make electricity and power transportation is making us sick and overheating the planet. The biggest polluters have spent billions misleading the public and spreading guilt and confusion, despite knowing the problem from their own research in the 1970s. The solution to global warming is simple: We have to stop the pollution. 
  • A future without pollution isn’t just possible, it’s vastly better. Electrifying everything and replacing fossil fuels with clean energy is achievable with technology we already have, saves lives, makes us safer, saves money, and will provide job growth and massive economic benefits. The alternative — letting pollution continue to grow — will be considerably more expensive and unpleasant. 
  • Lawmakers must take action. While our individual actions matter, stopping pollution at the speed and scale required can only be accomplished by bold government action. Too many lawmakers are still serving the fosill fuel industry instead of protecting our families. But as a large majority of Americans, we can make lawmakers act, if we demand that they do.
  • We all love our kids and families. We won’t sit back as greedy polluters and cowardly lawmakers turn our lives to ash and rubble.

It’s up to all of us to get involved, get our communities involved, and take action together. 

Families For A Future will empower everyone to take meaningful action in their communities and nationwide, to protect our families. We will partner with groups already engaged in local and national organizing, and provide resources and opportunities for people to learn more, take action, and even start organizing in your community. It starts with your commitment to be a part of it. 

Board of Directors

Annie Leonard

David Fenton

Kristin Lynch

Lisa Hoyos

Dr. Mark Mitchell

Sahar Robertson

Sweta Chakraborty, PhD


Elijah Zarlin

Kaniela Ing

Kristin Lynch


Aditi Vaidya

Anthony Leiserowitz, PhD

Dr. Aparna Bole

Becky Bond

Bill McKibben

Catherine Coleman Flowers

Ellen Dorsey

Dr. Ian Kim

Joan Blades

John Marshall

Katharine Hayhoe, PhD

Michael Silberman

Wes Boyd