Elected Leaders: Sign the

Pledge For A Future

It’s time for elected leaders to commit to protect our families and our kids. We have the solutions and tools to stop the pollution that is overheating our world and stealing our future. The only thing missing is the will of elected leaders to act.

The Pledge For A Future:

“Our kids and families are threatened by planet-warming pollution. We must protect them. As your representative, I pledge to:

  1. Make big polluters pay for their pollution and clean it up.
  2. Stop giving polluters taxpayer money.
  3. Rapidly advance clean energy to stop pollution.”

Campaign Partners

  • 350.org
  • Climate health now
  • ClimateMama
  • Green New Deal Network
  • North American Climate, Conservation and Environment (NACCE)
  • ParentsTogether
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania
  • Resource Renewal Institute
  • The Emergent Fund
  • United Vision for Idaho
  • US High Speed Rail Association
  • WV Citizen Action Group

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Pledge Signers

The following elected officials have signed the Pledge For A Future. Signers are sorted by state, office, and district.